• AK-8720
  • Home System
  • -12v/12Ah Rechargeable Lead - Acid Battery
    \r\n- 4 Light Bulbs ports DC 12V
    \r\n- 2 USB output ports 5V 1A
    \r\n- 12V/3W bulbs
    \r\n   Working time: 1 bulb:40hours
    \r\n                             2\r\nbulb:20hours
    \r\n                             3 bulb:13hours
    \r\n                             4\r\nbulb:10hours
    \r\n- 2 Invertor (Total output 36W, can support : LCD TV (35W) 4Hours; Radio (1.5W)\r\n4 Days;Electric Fan (40W) 3Hours;LED light (3W) 40Hours.
    \r\n- E27 bulb base
    \r\n-Side light with 8pcs SMD 5730 LEDS. 320Lumens
    \r\n Working time:  28hours
    \r\n- MP3/FM function
    \r\n  Working time: 40 Hours
    \r\n-18V/20W solar panel - Charge time: 12 hours
    \r\n-  DC 12V/ 2.0ah adaptor- Charge time:\r\n6-7 hours

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