• AK-8714
  • Home System
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    -6V/4.5Ah Rechargeable Lead - Acid Battery
    \r\n-4 Light Bulbs ports DC 6V
    \r\n-1 USB output ports 5V
    \r\n-FM Radio and Mp3 Speaker
    \r\n-6V/3W bulbs
    \r\n Working time: 1 bulb: 18hours
    \r\n                            2 bulb: 9hours
    \r\n                            3 bulb: 6hours
    \r\n                            4 bulb: 4hours
    \r\n-Side light with 6pcs SMD 5730 LEDS 240 lumens
    \r\n-MP3/FMworking time:>15hours
    \r\n-LCD screen display for battery capacity
    \r\n-9V/3W solar panel - Charge time: 15hours
    \r\n-AC110V-220v  charge time: 10-12 hours

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